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15 Day Kickstart includes: 

*UNLIMITED TEAM TRAINING: Our high energy group classes that combine cardio and weight training.  

*6 SMALL GROUP TRAINING SESSIONS: Our version of personal training gives members access to true strength training. You'll improve movement and get strong at the same time. 

*A ONE-ON-ONE GOAL SETTING SESSION: We need to set a clear goal. Without one, it's harder to feel accomplished. Work with your coaches to choose attainable, measurable goals.  

*SUPPORT FROM A LIKE-MINDED COMMUNITY: The KE community is what sets us apart. Our members are encouraging and make the gym an inviting, friendly place to improve your life! 



Emily Davis of Kirkland, WA

What specific results have you gotten since joining? I have become a stronger, healthier version of myself since joining KE. But more importantly, I feel healthier, have more energy, and am confident in myself! Would you recommend KE Fitness to someone and why? I definitely would recommend KEF! KEF has dedicated, personable trainers. A top-notch facility and exhilarating group classes, open gym options, as well as custom semi-private classes. A little of something for everyone! Why did you decide to join KEF? I decided to join KEF after realizing I couldn’t get myself to go to a traditional gym. I missed the feeling I got after working out, but couldn’t get to the gym on a consistent basis. KEF offers group classes that are challenging and fun. This required me to “sign up” which was all I needed in; now I consistently attend classes and am back in a routine of working out.

Nancy Low of Redmond WA

Why is Fitness Important to you? Being fit is all about living a long/happy life: (1) having the energy and mobility to thoroughly enjoy each day; (2) maximizing the number of days we have; (3) hopefully living long-enough to see radical scientific and societal advancements leading to some sort of global utopia. Why did you decide to join KE? I was in a rut of eating too much and rarely exercising. I've had good luck with personal trainers in the past, but they were always too expensive for me to keep on indefinitely. KE's semi-private personal training makes great financial sense to me. Would you recommend KE and why? I would definitely recommend KE, for several reasons: 1) Semi-private personal training is a great model; You get all the motivation, planning, and attention of personal training, but at a more affordable rate 2) KE has outstanding and friendly training staff, but they're also too busy to be talking to you the entire time; as an introvert that's actually pretty refreshing (I like small-talk but can only keep it up for so long!) 3) KE makes amazing use of their space; I love how every inch of space and piece of equipment is useful 4) The general culture and atmosphere at KE is warm and supportive, but highly motivating; It's a testament to both great trainers and great clients

Greg & Katie of Kirkland, WA

What results have you seen since joining KE? Greg – Since joining Kutting Edge Fitness, I have dropped 60 pounds in 5 months, while greatly improving my mobility, balance, and cardiovascular fitness. Katie –I have noticed very well rounded improvements in all levels of fitness. My balance, coordination, strength, and endurance have all improved. Plus they make it fun and easy for me to fit in at least 3 weight training sessions a week which has helped me loose over 40lbs. Why did you decide to join KE? Greg – Prior to joining KE, I was in a rut of eating too much and rarely exercising. I’ve had good luck with personal trainers in the past, but they were always too expensive for me to keep on indefinitely. KE’s semi-private personal training makes great financial sense to me. Katie – In shot, I liked that KE has everything I want optimized in a conveniently located space. I get access to great coaching and friendly community that keeps me motivated and challenged. I like being able to schedule my workouts and then have some accountability to actually show up to the gym.


Kutting Edge Fitness is a special place. It's truly a "judgement-free zone." The community here is very supportive of everyone's individual goal.  

On top of that, we layer expert coaching, keeping members safe, and allowing them to learn and grow as students of strength. It's like no other gym!  

Try KE for 15 days and get ready to change your life!

15 Days of First Class Training for $59


You won't find a staff more commited to getting you results than at KE. If you've been in a health and fitness funk, sign-up NOW! Make a change for less than $4 a day and get ready to be in the best shape of your life!!

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