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Hey Friends!  

Let's face it, every year we tend to follow the same cycles and this year is no different. We all know it's time for our New Years resolutions-- you know, a vision of that better self we all carry.  

We know the statistics show that only 8% are ever successful with their resolutions and many say that because of those numbers they are pointless to make.

To tell you the truth, WE LOVE RESOLUTIONS. The reason? Because when we are able to combine your readiness for change with our proven results process, we get the opportunity to put you in that 8%. 

You see, the #1 difference between those that achieve their resolutions and those that don't is the ones who actually achieve theirs are the ones who are able see real progress which snowballs into more motivation to continue along with the journey.

It isn't that they are necessarily more determined or have special traits, it's that they had a solid strategy in place that allowed them to hit that first manageable milestone which leads to increased motivation to hit the next and so on until before you know it your body looks and feels totally different!

Compare that to someone who starts with the burst of New Years motivation, spins their wheels with their own routine, doing mindless cardio, wandering around the gym, and not making or seeing any progress. This person almost always gets frustrated, loses hope, and gives up until next year.

Not seeing progress is the biggest reason why most resolutions fail!

Most well intentioned people will buy a gym membership, a fancy new piece of cardio equipment, and/or start going hardcore on yet another fad diet in hopes that this year will be different, but will unfortunately likely get stuck, frustrated, and let yet another year slip by with the usually self... we hate that!


Listen, when you make a commitment to someone other than yourself, your chances of success already skyrocket. When you couple that commmitment with a system like ours that includes relentless accountability, quality coaching, and nutrition plan that is proven and sustainable, now we have a recipe for success that will make you unstoppable!  

Will it take some effort? Yes, but most things in life worth achieving do. Believe us when we say, you will thank yourself a thousand times over when reach your goals wardrobe. You may even get tired of the compliments ;)  

When you spend a few hours with us each week during this transformation program at KE Fitness, we're going to educate, motivate and inspire you to become the best version of you.  

With our unique Elite Small Group PERSONAL Training system, Dynamic Group Conditioning Classes, simple-to-stick-to PROVEN nutrition program, and social support you'll get everything you need to stay on track in the New Year... and well into the New Decade!  

...all while still enjoying yourself and having fun in the process!  

Here's how this amazing offer works:  

  • Register to lock in your spot (spaces are indeed limited to 20).  
  • Attend our Orientation and Nutrition Seminar (besides getting to know more about you, this where you get all the amazing information on our KE Fitness program and nutritional basics)  
  • Let us guide and coach you step-by-step using the proven system that has helped our members get in fantastic shape and feel great.  
  • By the time the transformation program is over, you'll be looking, feeling and performing better than you imagined, we promise and back that up with our results guarantee.  

So Are YOU Ready to See BIG Changes in 2020 and Beyond?!

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See Some of Our Previous Results:

"Since joining KE I have Dropped 2 sizes (15 lbs) – Cholesterol dropped from 7.0 to 5.3 (desirable is 5:1) – Triglycerides dropped 100 mg. – Bone density is higher that avg for my age.  

Mobility – Balance – Strength – Coordination – Endurance have drastically improved since going to KE. I just feel so much better which gives me a more positive attitude.  

Could I have done more – Absolutely! If I had followed the KE nutritional plan 100% …I am sure my results would have been so much better, but I also tried to fit my program into my lifestyle.  

KE supplies all the necessary tools for success, it is up to you to embrace them.  

I totally would recommend KE Fitness to others. This is a gym for all ages – work at your pace – the trainers are excellent. I am in the 60+ group and never once felt that I didn’t belong. So friendly!!

“The most noticable thing I have gained since joining KE is muscle definition. I was in reasonable shape coming into KE. But, over the years, working out at KE has definitely increased the level of definition. This is not something that I really think about until I catch a glimpse of myself exercising in the KE mirror. It’s always like “Wow, where did those muscles come from?” However, there are less obvious results. I have gained so much knowledge and understanding about exercising the right way from the KE team. I have a better understanding of nutrition, as well. This internal gains are as important to me as the external ones.  

The reason I joined KE is I wanted to challenge myself more than I could just working out on my own. I’ve worked out long enough at prior gyms and exercise classes to have a good foundation for doing my own workouts. But, there is nothing quite like a well-structured and balanced exercise plan prepared by knowledgeable professionals such as those at KE. Having that support and direction frees me from worrying what to do and allows me to focus on doing it to the best of my ability. I’m always ready to rise to almost any KE challenge. I most heartily recommend KE. KE is a community of professionals and individuals who all care about helping each other achieve whatever fitness goals they want. There is no negativity if you are unable to complete an exercise without modification. The KE community understands, that to truly improve your fitness, you start from where you are and not from some arbitrary standard (yeah, this is a dig at Crossfit). We encourage each other all the time. I think of KE as my “fitness family”—a family that is always welcoming to new members..”

Here's Exactly What This AMAZING Offer Includes:  

Use proper nutrition as "medicine" to fuel your body and burn fat without deprivation

We design your resistance training program based on your individual needs, not some generic program for the masses -- to ensure that you not only get great results, but don't injure yourself.

All our metabolic training sessions are strategically designed to have you burning fat for up to 48 hours after every workout without beating up your body in the process!

We are not like your typical gym where you just feel like another number. At KE Fitness you are part of a community of like-minded people to help you stay motivated and reach your goals. Again, this DOUBLES your success rate!

We've helped 100's of local residents dramatically change their body, melt that extra fat away, and turn back the clock, so we know what works! When you follow our proven system, we guarantee that you'll see results -- and FAST!

Most people never accomplish their health and fitness goals because they have no one there to keep them on track. But at KE Fitness we are there every step of the way to give you the motivation and accountability you've been so desperately missing.  

I'm Ready, Sign Me Up! 

Here Is Exactly What This 6 Week Transformation Program Includes:

  • 12 Personal Training Sessions in a Small Group Setting ($600 Value) - We'll be on the floor with you at EVERY workout. You show up, we'll take care of the rest. We'll show you how to do everything, make sure you're doing it right, answer your questions, and keep you motivated the whole time. We'll modify around injuries and abilities, and make sure what you're doing is just right for you. We're here from 6:00am to 7:30pm and you make your own schedule on our easy to use mobile app. 
  • Unlimited Group Conditioning Sessions ($199 Value)  
  • Personal Accountability Coach to guide you each step of the way ($99 Value) - We'll sit down with you throughout and chat to see how things are going. You'll weigh in, take some measurements, and chat nutrition. Accountability is the key to success, and this is one of the many places it happens.  
  • KE Success Guide ($39 Value) 
  • At-Home Workout Plan ($79 Value) 
  • MyZone Effort and Heart Rate Monitor option. ($99 Value) - You will receive a belt that that works with the facility monitor and with your smart phone so we can track your effort and add another layer of accountability to your results. We care about you when you are not here too!  
  • Starting Point Session to discuss goals, assess movement patterns, and develop a fitness plan ($99 Value)  
  • Private Facebook Support Group and Unlimited Email Support 
  • Proven and Easy to Follow Nutrition Plan ($69 Value) You will get the guidance, education, and a specific meal plan that will build muscle, cut fat, and boost energy...along with tons of delicious recipes. 
  • Tracking, Accountability, & Results - We hold you to a higher standard than you may hold yourself, because we know from experience if you're not being held accountable to someone else, only YOU know if you did or did not workout. Our entire focus is on getting you results. We'll be by your side the entire way! 

Total Package Value = $999+

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